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what is even going on

watching “Into Darkness” for the first time

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To boldly go…

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

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Not doing so well, are you, Sam?

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make me choose

anon asked: scotty or chekov?
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don’t romanticize the past. romanticize the future. the future has starfleet

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spock and kirk are talking via phone or comm and kirk is being all flirty as they are hanging up and is like “no you hang up first,” and spock is just like “k” and hangs up. 

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reblog if you like star trek, or if you have lost the remaining shreds of control over your life and you are star trek and you’re shaped like the uss enterprise and star trek music plays every time you walk into a room, or if you are a tribble that can type

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star trek au where, instead of meditating every morning, spock intensely yodels

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Just Bones & Sulu chillin with Alice, the Mad hatter, and a two-headed dragon. nbd.

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